Frequently Asked Questions*

*Buyer to verify all information provided in this document, CURRENT AS OF JUNE 2018

Who do I contact to look at the lots or get information regarding The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands?

You can contact the listing brokers with Team North Star at the Wells Group (Tiare Flora or Monique Flora) at (970) 382-3023, or you can contact your own Realtor to help you. The Overlook is available to tour with the agent accompanying you and/or your realtor to help you understand where the lots are, roads will be, etc.

What are the prices and sizes of the lots at The Overlook?

All of the lots currently available will be listed in the MLS by June 1, 2018, where you will find sizes, photos, descriptions, etc. You can also contact the listing brokers who can send you the price list that shows current availability as well as lot sizes.

When can I go to contract and expect to close on my lot at The Overlook?

You can to go to contract now. You should be able to close on your Overlook lot when the Final Plat is filed and a Development Improvement Agreement is in place with La Plata County.

What types of fees can I expect when I close on a lot at The Overlook?

  • One-Time Working Capital Deposit of $500 payable to Edgemont Highlands Community Association, Inc.
  • One-Time Fee of $2,350 to fund the water and sewer infrastructure reserve, payable to Edgemont Ranch Metro District.
  • One-Time $200 fee payable to AREM to transfer HOA membership to Buyer; split by Buyer and Seller.
  • A rebate is available from LPEA after a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for a constructed home and permanent electrical service is turned on. Buyer shall pay Seller $1,500 at closing and the LPEA rebate amount of $1,500 shall be assigned from the Seller to the Buyer at that time. LPEA rebates are subject to expiration. Rebates for lots in the Overlook must be requested prior to June 30, 2028. Rebate requests should be sent to Edgemont Community Developers, Inc.
  • A rebate is available from Atmos Energy when permanent natural gas service is turned on. Buyer shall pay Seller $500 at closing & the Atmos Energy rebate amount of $500 shall be assigned from the Seller to the Buyer. Atmos rebates are subject to expiration. Rebates for Overlook lots must be requested prior to June 30, 2023. Rebate requests should be sent to Edgemont Community Developers, Inc.
  • The EHCA (HOA) dues are $540/year.
  • Metro fees on lots without a structure are currently $1,320/year. These will be prorated at closing.

What fees can I expect once I am an owner of my vacant lot?

  • Edgemont Highlands Community Association fees of $135/quarter ($540/annually).
  • Annual Edgemont Ranch Metro District infrastructure maintenance fee (or “standby” fee) is currently $1,320/year. Contact ERMD at (970) 259-3102 to confirm.
  • Property taxes, which vary depending on the La Plata County Assessor’s valuation of the lot as well as mill levy rates.

What costs can I expect just prior to obtaining a Building Permit?

  • Architectural Review fee, currently $400, payable to the Edgemont Highlands Community Association.
  • ERMD Fees of $996 Meter & MXU, inspections & Road Construction Surcharge. Contact ERMD at (970) 259-3102 to confirm.
  • One-time fee of $1,000 per residential kitchen, payable to Durango Fire and Rescue Authority.
  • La Plata County Building/Permit fees will depend on size of home, etc. Contact La Plata County Building Department for information.

Are there tap fees at The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands?

No, there are no tap fees at The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands.

What types of fees and/or costs will I have once I build and move in to my home at The Overlook?

The fees at The Overlook are the same as the rest of the neighborhood as there is no separate HOA or entity for The Overlook.

  • Water & Sewer fees are approximately $159 + $2/1,000 gallons per month and are dependent on water usage; this also includes snow removal (divided over 12 months). The water gets more expensive if you use more than 10,000 gallons. Please contact ERMD at (970) 259-3102 to confirm current rates, or go to the website at (look under Metro District).
  • Quarterly Edgemont Highlands Community Association fees of $135 per quarter (or $540 per year).
  • Property taxes: These vary depending on the La Plata County Assessor’s valuation of your property.

When will I be able to build my home at The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands?

When someone closes on their lot in The Overlook per County guidelines, they will be able to commence on their building process when the developer has completed 100% of the infrastructure including installing all utilities to the lot lines and paving the roads. The infrastructure is estimated to be completed by late fall 2018, however may extend into early 2019 depending on weather delays. The builder/owner will need to submit plans to architectural review for approval and obtain permits from La Plata County before commencing construction.

What will the setbacks be in The Overlook be & are they the same as Edgemont Highlands? Is there a set “building envelope” on lots?

The setbacks will be the same as Edgemont Highlands which are 20’ in front and 10’ on the sides and in back. There are no designated building envelopes, however the architectural review will look at placement of your improvements and consider the effect on neighboring lots. Some lots may have limitations of buildable areas based on sloped areas.

Is there a separate HOA for The Overlook or any fees that are in addition to Edgemont Highland’s fees?

No, The Overlook at Edgemont Highlands is part of the Edgemont Highlands Community Association and Edgemont Ranch Metro District with no additional fees other than what is currently in place (see previous answers regarding fees).

What title company will be used for closings on lots in The Overlook?

The Seller is using Title Durango for title work and to hold earnest monies. Call Title Durango (970) 385-0303 with any questions.

Who will hold my Earnest Money during the contract period?

If you are purchasing a vacant lot owned by Edgemont Community Developers, Title Durango will hold your Earnest Money at the direction of the Contract.

Who is currently building at The Overlook?

Currently there is no vertical building within The Overlook. For a list of builders and architects that have worked within Edgemont Highlands recently, please visit the website at or contact Team North Star at the Wells Group.

What are the amenities at Edgemont Highlands?

Edgemont Highlands has a beautiful community lodge, a community herb garden, 10+ miles of hiking and walking trails, and private fishing rights on the Florida River.

What do my Association and Metro District fees cover?

When you own a home in Edgemont Highlands, Edgemont Highlands Community Association fees are $135 per quarter (to be verified by Buyer). These dues cover maintenance of the Community Lodge, upkeep of hiking trails, upkeep, landscaping and weed control within the common areas, fire mitigation, etc. Edgemont Ranch Metro District provides water and sewer for the subdivision, which are billed directly to each homeowner. The minimum amount is $159/month (water base and maintenance - $58, sewer base and maintenance - $75, and snow removal - $6), plus water usage of $2.00/1000 gallons. Tiered rates apply for water usage over 10,000 gallons/month. The Metro fee also covers snow removal for all of the main roads in Edgemont Highlands. (see fees above for vacant lots).

What is the altitude at Edgemont Highlands?

The approximate altitude at Edgemont Highlands is 7,500’. Of course, this varies with the terrain. See La Plata County GIS.

Can you have chickens at Edgemont Highlands?

Chickens are not allowed at Edgemont Highlands or the Timbers per the rules and regulations item 2.2 on pages 1 and 2

Can you have rain catchment barrels?

There is not any language in the covenants that prohibit rain catchment barrels. When the guidelines were developed originally, it was unlawful to collect water in catchments, however now it is okay in some areas. If someone specifically wants to have rain catchment barrels, they should make sure they comply with County and State regulations. Some fairly recent legislation on this issue at the State level (2009) is shown here and there may be more recent legislation as well. If the County and State needs are met, we would then advise including it in your design and submitting it to the review board just to make sure there are no issues and they fit into the design guidelines appropriately.

What type of internet, phone and cable services will be available in The Overlook neighborhood?

Within The Overlook, internet service will be available through most local providers. Cell service will depend on where your home is located and should be “tested” by the Buyer(s) by physically standing with their phone on their lot. A few homeowners have elected to install a “booster” from their cell service provider which is getting great results so far. Some people have contacted local companies who have installed equipment into their home during the building process.